Leslie Yarmo.

Over 30 years experience as a professional costume designer from off-Broadway, Italian Opera, Prime-time television to Roman productions filmed on location in Italy.

Areas of expertise include Ancient Roman dress with a creative project anticipated for exhibition at the Tampa Museum of Art.

Leslie's research on the history yellow in Jewish dress will soon be available in her book: Yellow: Discovering the Lost History of the Jewish Identifier which traces the use back to Babylon and the color's application in Medieval and Renaissance art to highlight Jewish characters both revered and reviled.

As an Associate Professor of Theatre, Leslie is committed to blowing out the fourth wall: training young designers for broad career goals beyond parameters of disciplines. Recognized for the successful development of cross-curricular studies in the classroom setting and abroad.

Creator of Salisbury University’s Rome Program in partnership with the city of Rome’s Superintendent for Art and Culture where students gain exclusive access to sites and new technology, students gain unique lessons in on-location performance and period production.

Dedicated to the collaborative process and an interdisciplinary approach to performance, design and the comprehensive education this study provides.

Contact:         leslie@yarmo.com